Holistretch = Holistic Stretching through the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT through BODYWORK, CLASSES & EVENTS! 



🌟Option 1
The "Holistretch" Optimization Session:

Rehabilitate and balance your body while strengthening and increasing your flexibility. In this session, we will target specific areas of concern stemming from chronic tension, a surgery or past injury. We will work together to break apart dense fascia through assisted resistance stretching, energy/chakra balancing, pressure point release and repatterning work. You will experience balance and peace in your body as we as strengthen and lengthen muscles through deep stretching and concentrated massage bodywork. 

🌟Option 2
The "Full-Body" Optimization Session:

Relax, recuperate and rebalance your body through focused energy release and deep tissue manipulation. In this session, you will be surrendered and held as we work together to break apart dense fascia through loving touch, aromatherapy and the breath. Tools to soften tissues, such as the Gua Sha or a massage gun may be used. We will release knots and clear energetic blocks. You will experience a newfound sense of ease and grace.



πŸ†“  15 Min. Stretch & Nutrition Coaching:

Receive a guidance session on how to balance your gut microbiome to the next level of your health, and receive support with either booking a session, or learning a personal routine via Phone or Zoom. This session includes attached video tutorials and 25% off recommended superfoods for your daily regimen.  

πŸ†“  YouTube Channel:

Join our Holistretch family on YouTube for free! Enjoy online classes and tutorials with the click of a button. New posts every Wednesday. Don't miss out! Please subscribe below today. 

🌟Group Classes:

Learn how to feel good and free in your body! Choose either a high-intensity Stretchercize class to burn fat and gain muscle tone, or a gentle-flow to ease into resistance stretching.  This is a fun, full body experience that will leave you feeling stronger and more flexible than before! 
*Please inquire within re: details of class and attendees.


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