Try it on your own or book an assisted session today! Do you desire more energy, confidence and love? Feeling stuck, tight, tense or in pain is a result of a disconnect of the mind-body connection and improper posture. Holistic stretching is a dynamic practice affecting the body, mind and spirit. This practice combines strength, flexibility, massage, breath and energetic work to regain balance and flow into all areas of your life!

Who is it for?

Holistretch is for YOU if you are ready to take your healing into your own hands.
If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain and tension, have scar tissue that has reduced your range of motion or simply if you're interested in taking your body and life to the next level, Holistretch is a safe and effective way to open up and increase communication with your body to FEEL FREE!

How does it work?

Holistretch can help you reduce inflammation in the body & release dense fascia all the while gaining strength, mobility and flexibility. Offerings consist of one-on-one assisted stretching, deep bodywork, resistance stretch classes and personal training.

My Bodywork Sessions



🌟 Stretching & Repatterning:

Rehabilitate and balance your body while strengthening and increasing your flexibility right away. In this session, we will work together to break apart dense fascia as well as strengthen and lengthen muscles through assisted deep PNF (push and release) and resistance stretching.

🌟Deep Bodywork Massage:

Experience a deep release, breaking part of dense knots and relaxation through this deep fascia release bodywork session, including oil Lomi-Lomi massage, Gua-Sha scraping tools, gentle stretching and energy work. 

🌟Energy Healing Session:

Revive, restore and replenish your energy with this chakra balancing session. Great for releasing emotional blocks and aligning your
energy centers to elicit a clear channel and spiritual alignment. Includes a sage and Copal cleansing, essential oils, crystals and high vibrational sound frequencies. ✨ 



 🌟 Private Coaching:

Receive guidance and training on a specific issue you would like support with. These private sessions are to guide you into discovering your body in a new way through energy and breathwork, resistance stretching, PNF stretching and self-massage.


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