How would you like to potentially save thousands of dollars in medical bills or physical therapy? Holistic stretching is the practice of resistance stretching in synch with your breath and your meditative mind. Through this self-love practice, your body will be stronger and more flexible, creating an open channel for your mind and spirit. Try it on your own or book a session today! 💫

How Does It Work?

Holistretch can help you reduce inflammation in the body & release dense fascia all while gaining strength, mobility and flexibility. Offerings consist of one-on-one assisted stretching, deep bodywork, resistance stretch classes, personal training and nutrition coaching. ðŸŒ±

Which session is for me?

If you suffer from chronic or acute pain and tension, I recommend a deep bodywork session. If you have lack of range of motion in your body, have recently recovered from an injury or just feel tight, I recommend a stretch session. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level and do it on your own, I offer free Youtube tutorials as well as stretch and nutrition coaching in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. 🌱 

My Bodywork Sessions



🌟 Stretching & Repatterning:

Rehabilitate and balance your body while strengthening and increasing your flexibility. In this session, we will work together to break apart dense fascia through assisted resistance stretching as well as strengthen and lengthen muscles through assisted deep PNF (push and release) techniques.

🌟Deep Bodywork:

Experience a deep bodywork session. We will break apart dense knots that have been holding you back, energetically releasing stuck emotions and opening tight areas of your body to allow an even flow of energy. Includes organic massage cream, CBD salve, essential oils & Gua-Sha scraping tools. 

🌟Energy Healing Session:

Revive, restore and replenish your energy with this chakra balancing session. Great for releasing emotional blocks, anxiety and feelings of sadness, grief and anger. Techniques include Polarity, Craniosacral and Reiki. Includes Sage & Copal cleansing, essential oils, crystals & high vibrational sound instruments and frequencies. 



🌟 Private Coaching:

Receive guidance and training on a specific issue you would like support with. These private sessions are to guide you into discovering your body in a new way through energy and breathwork, resistance stretching, PNF stretching and self-massage. I also offer training for massage therapists and other bodyworkers who would like to learn how to stretch their clients.

🌟YouTube Channel:

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